Lihuk Miz Dior

"Miz D"

 21April 2005 - 15 May 2006

                                    DD and her mum Tori

Puppy in Show

 Siberian Husky Club of NSW Champ Show

  Mr Gert Christiensen (Denmark) 

  "Good female head, scissor bite, minimum stop, nice eyes, well set ears,

  good neck and topline, good croup, well set tail.  For the age, excellent body, 

 well angulated - good bone, excellent mover.  Good coat and colour.  

 Good temperament"

DD's time with us was far too short , and  her sudden passing has left a great hole in our hearts.  DD  was a beautiful young lady, with a great future, winning many Age in Shows and already pointed to her title.

But most of all Little DD was our little girl, full of life and fun, a joy to have. How we miss your mischievous ways DD.  We think of you every day little one and how  you brought us so much laughter and happiness.  

We miss you Little DD and you will always be in our hearts.

Look not where I was

For I am not there

My spirit is free

I am everywhere

In the air that you breathe

In the sounds that you hear

Don't cry for me Mom

My spirit is near

I'll watch for you

From the other side

I'll be the one running

New friends by my side

Smile at my memory

Remember in your heart

This isn't the end

It's a brand new start.

By: Carol Kulner



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